Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fun With Stormfront

Typical Stormfront counter-argument.
Stormfront, for those who don't know, is the major online gathering place for white nationalists and

And when I say "major" - it literally is the oldest and largest white nationalist organization on the internet.

Well, some members of Stormfront found my blog last week and decided to post it on their forums. And, despite many posters claiming they had no interest in my views, others claimed that they'd like to know what I had to say about their counter-arguments. Here, I'll be responding to them.

Before I continue, I want to mention another blogger who attacks "scientific" racism:

Please check out and follow their blog! You can also find a permanent link to them in the "affiliates" bar to the right.

The Stormfront thread starts things off right, with the good-ol' ad-hominem logical fallacy technique. This advanced debate tactic is often used by white nationalists against "anti-whites" with devastating effects. /Sarcasm.

Note: Click on images if they're too small to read. The full-size image was too big to fit in the blog's format.

You claim I don't understand white nationalism, then just spam parts of "The Mantra"? So that's the basis of your ideology? You know I debunked "The Mantra" already, right? Or maybe "debunk" isn't even the right word. There really wasn't anything in it to debunk: "The Mantra" itself doesn't provide any evidence to support its outrageous claims.
  • "He very arrogantly suggests (in his comments section) that he completely debunks White-Nationalist ideology, despite never really penetrating the surface of what we say."
What is beyond the surface of what you say, exactly? I would expect you to here provide an example which exemplifies a deeper facet of white nationalism, but instead, you cite the international definition for "genocide" (despite the fact that nobody's deliberately inflicting conditions on white people calculated to bring about their physical destruction). I still haven't seen anybody provide any proof that Jews are deliberately doing this.

Then you quote "The Mantra". Yeah, like I said, I debunked that already.

Take note of the fact that this post was edited again after it was initially posted: it was posted at 4:02 PM, and then edited later, at 11:37 PM. This becomes important later.

Actually no, I did not argue that "whites are not killed physically so it's not a genocide". I actually provided an argument that encompasses the international definition of genocide.

Couldn't I say the same about you? You're emotionally involved in your side too, are you not? So you will never admit that you're wrong, correct?

On the other hand, if I did in fact have "a black bf", I would consider this no excuse for being illogical. I am first and foremost a skeptic and rationalist. I value truth and honesty above all other values. Therefore, if anybody provides objective evidence to support the tenets of white nationalism, of course I will concede to it. So far however, no facts have been presented to me which support this ideology.

I am aware that I cannot prove this statement however, as it is a personal statement about my beliefs, and will only be evidenced by my continuing campaign for facts against racist ideology. At this point, I don't expect you to take my word for it, so do with this claim as you please.

No, that's not the ultimate justification for my beliefs. My point here was debunking the idea that a worldwide "white genocide" is happening.

Also, you're admitting I'm right here. You're really admitting that a worldwide "white genocide" is not occurring? Somehow I doubt you're actually conceding to this fact.

As to the supposed reasons you list:

1) What foreign influences? Who's "forcing" you to live with "less intelligent", "more violent" people? And who are these people? I think I know which people you're referring to, however I find it interesting how you make these claims and don't even bother trying to support them with any facts.

2) If this is true, then why are whites less likely to live in poverty, and more likely to attend college, and graduate than most other races (comparable only to Asians, and even then, whites still have a lower poverty rate). I'm no fan of Affirmative Action either, but you can't claim it hurts whites. It doesn't.

3) Non-white women have higher rates of abortion than white women. You don't think it's ravaging their family structure? Also, feminism doesn't only affect white people.

4) This affects non-whites too, not just whites.

5) What? Since when? When I went to public school I learned about Christopher Columbus (white guy who discovered the Americas), Thomas Edison (white guy who invented the light bulb), Galileo (white guy who proposed that the world was round and improved on the telescope), among others.

Every year around the holiday known as Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras, the grocery stores (around here anyway) all get Paczis in stock - this is a part of white culture, is it not? And what about Oktoberfest? This is a German tradition which is still held in Germany, and also has counterparts in the United States. Nobody is telling you that you don't have a culture or that you can't celebrate it...people do it multiple times a year. Nobody is saying that it's racist (nobody worth giving any attention, anyway).

Also, white people actually aren't going extinct. This was an error on my part in conceding that they are, although even if they were, I disagree that civilization would go extinct at the same time.

I don't recall you conducting a psychological and mental evaluation of me, Dr. SILNI. Do tell: which mental illness are you diagnosing me with?

As a side note, your "Location" data is hilarious, considering that George Orwell was a liberal Marxist.

I'm not interested in HungarianMadman's post as much as what he's replying to. Remember me pointing out that George Arouet's post was edited after it was originally posted? Now you see why. You see how George Arouet said "She's probably fat and ugly too so she can't get a white man"? He went back and took that part out! What's the matter George? Did you realize that not every white man is under the delusion that they're part of some elite secret club who exclusively date supermodels? Or did you figure ad-hominem was a logical fallacy and reflected badly on the great institution of Stormfront?

Erm...your question is quite clearly answered in the quote of mine you're citing. My response is that it's a severe breach of basic human rights.

How do you know she's mentally unbalanced? Are you, or were you, her therapist? If so, you should know that it's illegal to break doctor-patient confidentiality, even if she isn't your patient anymore, except in extreme situations. You can actually be sued for this type of breach of conduct.

However, I find it unlikely you were ever her therapist, since you apparently live in Scotland, and Barbara lives in the United States. In this case, you actually have no authority to say that she is "mentally unbalanced".

Also: I don't mind being compared to her whatsoever, just so you know.

Aww, you like my Futhark runes and valknut? So do I! I like your ironic signature banner which I think indicates (correct me if I'm wrong) that you think Australia ought to be a white country.

By the way, I'm allergic to soy, don't drink caffeinated drinks aside from the occasional tea (absolutely no coffee), and I'm not middle class, I'm poor (though well-educated).

Here's the difference between your claim and my claim:

My claim has factual evidence to support it. Yours doesn't.

I provide link to a source which talks about the holocaust, and you provide a link to a news article saying that white babies are becoming a minority. Your article makes no mention of Jews talking about a "race problem" or their proposed solution.

Whoops. Your link is broken.

Wait, so is my name Lauren Kocher or Lauren Kircher?

What do you hope to accomplish by doing this, anyway? I fail to see your point.

I pointed it out to you before George, and I'll do it again: you came on here and compared homogeneous white countries to mixed countries. You did that initially, not me. Then when I do the same and point out that your comparison is flawed, somehow it's "apples and oranges"? Make up your mind.

If anybody wants to see this go down, head over to this post (his name is mooting and he's since given up, however).

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'm quite open to the possibility that the Human Development Index is wrong, and that the United States does not have a higher standard of living than Finland. I'm open to the possibility that there are many ways to evaluate the standard of living in a nation.

That doesn't change the fact that you guys keep citing correlations as causations, a blatant logical fallacy, and ignoring the fact that there are white countries that almost undeniably have lower standards of living than mixed countries (Northern Ireland). And yes, it's fallacious to compare the two, but you guys are the ones prompting this comparison, insisting all homogeneous white countries are more successful than mixed ones, and that this correlation is in fact the cause for said success. Please clarify what your claims actually are if you don't like me comparing standards of living.

Also, again with the "she's emotionally involved" cop-out? Please explain to me how racial segregation is the "key" to human progress. Go ahead. I want to see your proof. You have nothing to lose.

The "biased and irrational" accusation is ironic.

 Yes, very nicely put. Make sure not to back up any of your claims with, you know, facts.

Explain how facts are "worthless".

Doesn't change the fact that homogeneous societies are not always more prosperous or peaceful than "mixed" ones.

At times it was, and at times it wasn't. It's not as black and white as labeling all assimilation and extinction as "healthy" or "unhealthy".

When people start abusing their power and committing genocides upon each other, that's when I start to question whether the event is "healthy" - although the point can also be made that many forms of genocide are the result of resistance to assimilation. And resisting assimilation is quite justified if it's forced, but if it's not, I don't think there's rational justification for it.

When assimilation is done with consent, as it often is, and groups of people come together to share their cultures (and their genes) with each other, it's not genocide.

Biology isn't propaganda.

  • "I'd like to know what she'd have to say in a hypothetical situation that Whites were champion breeders and blacks weren't breeding much at all. If MILLIONS of Whites started flooding into African countries and started replacing native Africans. Shock, horror, blacks were on a course for extinction through a non-violent, 'natural biological process.' No black men for her to date Would she still see it the same way?"
 If millions of whites were flooding into African countries, I'd probably be among them. This kind of mass immigration tends to happen when some nations have a higher standard of living than others. This is attractive to people from countries with low standards of living.

I'm not sure what you mean by "replacing". Nobody's being replaced. Immigration is not the same as replacement.

I wouldn't care if there were no black men for me to date. I've dated white men before. "Race" doesn't matter to me whatsoever.
  • "I know what her answer would be, Yes (....) She'd say yes to not look like a hypocrite, but she'd be mortified if that scenario were real and she knows it."
Since when can you read minds?

I don't hold double-standards. I'm just as apathetic towards "black", "Asian", "Native American", or any other people as I am to white people. They're all basically the same. They've all (or almost all) committed genocides upon other groups of people, they've all shown to be equally weak against the vices of greed, ignorance, and power, and they've all claimed an inherent superiority over others. Any ones who haven't just haven't gotten the chance to.
  • "There's no two ways about it. FORCED multi-culturalism of ALL White countries and ONLY White countries IS genocide."
So it wouldn't be genocide if other countries were experiencing it too? Because you know other countries are experiencing genocide, right? The definition of genocide that you cite (a definition I have no qualms with) does not specify that genocide has to be occurring in "ALL" societies of a particular cultural or ethnic type, and "ONLY" in societies of a particular cultural or ethnic type. Genocide can in fact occur in multiple locations at once, to multiple groups of people at once.

However, it's not happening to "white" people. Multiculturalism is not genocide, and it isn't forced. You have the free will to live wherever you want and almost do whatever you want: you are not forced to give up your native language, to marry a non-white person, or to take on new cultural practices or religions which you do not agree with. These are all still personal freedoms which are allowed in most Western countries.
  • "Truth be told, in my hypothetical situation, breeding programs would be set up by bleeding heart liberals for blacks to continue their survival."
No they wouldn't.
  • "It's truly bizarre how little liberals value everything White."
I value every group of people the same amount. My "little" amount of value towards "everything white" is actually not exclusive to everything white.

To propose that culture should be "preserved" is insane. If "white" people had cared about preserving their culture during the last Ice Age, we wouldn't have created any of the art, music, or technology we see in modern times. Culture is not stagnant, and it never will be. To argue that it should be is just ridiculous.

Same with "ethnic people". No group of humans has gone without diversifying gene flow for an extended period of evolutionary time. Evolution and genotypes are not stagnant and never will be.

Are you referring to the photo that was posted? I do not function as that man's "meal ticket", and I'm not sure why you think "ugly lesbians" would have an interest in me. What's your point?

It's observed in nature. That's the definition of "natural". Sorry.

You've also just compared sexual attraction between two consenting adults of the same species and same subspecies to sexual attraction involving non-consenting children and animals.  How do you reconcile that with the fact that men and women are often naturally attracted to each other, despite the fact that they invariably have different traits? Where are you drawing your line where attraction to other consenting adults becomes unnatural? Is it also unnatural if you're attracted to someone with different colored- or shaped-hair than you?

Sam Owl really has no patience for any of you. I don't really blame him, but I'm kind of the opposite in this respect. Did you pay a visit here and try to talk to me? Comments are not moderated and I don't block people unless they post ads.

I'm curious to know what the "right questions" are that you're referring to.

I give you credit for being rational about "race-mixing", but I never said that non-whites need whites to live a better life.

No it isn't.

Also, did you really mean to say "for anti-multiculturalism propaganda", or did you mean to say "against multiculturalism propaganda"? Because it looks like you're actually admitting that your "anti-multiculturalism" stance is propaganda from the way you word it here.

Well, that's where the thread ends. I hope this cleared some things up!


  1. I used to post to Stormfront to try and counter their propaganda with facts. I always made sure I posted evidence to support my statements. It didn't
    matter.Anything I submitted which countered their propaganda was never approved by the moderators.
    This bit about homogenous societies being more successful is pure hogwash. The two most powerful superpowers the world has ever seen, the USA and the USSR, were both racially mixed.
    The USSR included a huge Asian population in central Asia in places like Uzbekistan, Kazakistan, and Mongolia. Britain is still powerful and she has loads of non-whites from her former African colonies.France has loads of Asian immigrants from her former colonies in Indochina.

    Please post these comments on your blog. It's the best way to debunk Stormfront nonsense.

    1. Thanks for the support.

      Indeed, facts seem to not matter to WNs or to Stormfront moderators. When confronted, they either censor the facts or just respond with logical fallacies or spam their "mantra".

      I do not moderate comments, so there's no need to ask for them to be posted: they are immediately posted as soon as you submit them :)

      Your support is much appreciated. Thanks again for the links addressing anti-semitism.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. You are most welcome. It took me several days to assemble them all into one post.
      I will have some more coming later.

    4. Go ahead and update me on the new links once you get them. (And share this post/blog on social media if you can!)

    5. Hello, Caribou? In a previous post on Race Mixing some brought up how some of your biological explanation were somewhat unfinished in interpretation that "race does not exists". How that work is existentially the point on how you bring up how certain mutation occur exclusively towards certain races. Also you can factor in trace DNA from Archaic humans that lived in the region before the Homo Sapiens

      So in terms of Biological organization you CAN map out races, but the biological significance of such are overblown in terms of extremist views well as abusing data. You have a somewhat accurate way to look at race aside from concluding it doesn't exist. The site Racial Reality also acknowledges recognizing race but doesn't hold it to the same views as Racists and even denounces their claims as well.

  2. Here are some links which debunk the anti-semitic nonsense you see on Stormfront:

    The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a FAKE

    The Myth of Jewish Bolshevism

    Expulsions of Jews

    The anti-Semites like to claim that Jews have been expelled from every place 
    they ever lived. Let's examine that. 

    Jews have never been expelled from these: 

    All of North America 
    All of Central America 
    All of South America 
    All of Asia 
    All of Africa 

    Sweden, Norway, Denmark,Holland,Serbia,Ireland, Scotland,Iraq, Jordan, 
    Finland,Estonia and Switzerland. 

    The Real Truth about the Talmud

    Facts about Judaism

    Kosher Tax Myth

    Evidence of the Holocaust!searchin/soc.culture.jewish/holocaust$20evidence$20links%7Csort:date/soc.culture.jewish/lYUjjImiIKA/Djl4pE8fmyUJ

    Jewish Contributions To Mankind!searchin/soc.culture.jewish/contributions$20of$20jews%7Csort:date/soc.culture.jewish/uCEShKZMGtM/piHlm7F2wHUJ

    More anti-semitic canards

  3. Here is another anti-semitic canard-the Franklin

  4. The anti-semites have another speech attributed to George Washington which is false. The link explains:

  5. I have a suggestion for you, Caribou.
    I think what you want most is for people searching
    for Stormfront to find your blog at the same time.
    Changing the title to something with the name "Stormfront" in it will accomplish that.
    I suggest something like "Stormfront Debunked" would accomplish this.

    1. This is actually already accomplished by my "search preferences" settings. The keyword "stormfront" in included there, so that if people search for it, my blog could come up. I'm also working on better search engine optimization through blog registries. Thanks for the suggestion though!

    2. Your mission is an important one. I want to see you succeed.

    3. Thank you! I need all the support I can get! Share on social media whenever possible!

      Racism is not just confined to paranoid conspiracy theorists like white nationalists/stormfronters, it's present in many more subtle and widespread ways, so I want to educate a lot of people about it.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Caribou:Is there any way you can activate the URLs
    I posted so that someone can just click on them and read the information?It would make things easier for the reader.

    1. Unfortunately URLs in comments cannot be activated. I'm not sure why. Blogspot users have been complaining about it for awhile.

      Thanks for the link, but ultimately I don't think a source called "conspiracy planet" is a legitimate source. White nationalists use the same kind of sources to back up their claims, so my goal is to be better than that and only use verifiable sources. Furthermore, as much as I despise David Duke, I'd rather go after his claims and ideology rather than his character (or lack thereof).

      Most of your other links concerning anti-semitism were much better and could be cross-verified with reputable sources.

    2. I deleted it. I have the same info from better sources and will post them

      Well, the readers can copy the URLs into their browsers and search to open them that way. I'm sure they all know that.

  8. Caribou. I think Duke's criminal record is signiricant as an indication of his credibility.
    Convicted felons are not reliable sources of information and everyone knows that.

    1. Actually, I disagree. Just because someone is a felon does not mean that everything they say is incorrect or unreliable. A biologist could go to prison: does that suddenly mean that biology is now false? No. Thus, we must examine peoples' claims directly. Their personal successes and failings have no bearing on objective evidence and logic. Discrediting somebody because of events in their personal lives is usually ad-hominem and has no real basis to it.

      Occasionally it may be worth something, but it cannot discredit an entire ideology on its own. It may be worth mentioning Duke's and Black's criminal history just for the sake of exposing it or discussing its implications on the movement and the sanity (or lack thereof) of its leaders. But to debunk their actual ideology, one must address that ideology directly.

    2. I will mention both Duke's and Black's criminal records in future comments and I'll
      have URL's to back up my comments. The point I make is that these two are habitual
      liars and their pasts indicate that.

  9. Caribou. I am going to post the URL to your blog
    in places on the internet where white supremacists/nationalists
    and racists hang out.


    I'll try and get you some readers.

    1. Thanks, I appreciate the support. However, try to also attract some like-minded readers. Need some more people like you around here. Most of my traffic is from racists right now.

    2. I posted your URL to several craigslist discussion forums.
      The problem is that lots of anti-racists don't want to upset their lives by
      dealing with racists. It's frustrating and produces anger.They agree with you but
      they want to stay happy.I'll keep trying.

    3. You're right. People don't want to deal with it. That's why I try to lighten things up with a sense of humor and cute animal pictures. Hopefully that will turn people on to it. I posted the link in some anti-racism forums.

      Thanks for your help. I appreciate it.

    4. Maybe it would help if I posted some music videos.

  10. " You see how George Arouet said "She's probably fat and ugly too so she can't get a white man"? He went back and took that part out! What's the matter George? Did you realize that not every white man is under the delusion that they're part of some elite secret club who exclusively date supermodels? Or did you figure ad-hominem was a logical fallacy and reflected badly on the great institution of Stormfront?"

    I got angry at your ignorance but then I calmed down. Big deal.

    By the way you don't have the moral high ground to mock me because you started the attack against us and I was just defending myself.

    By the way what I said isn't baseless. Not much 'supermodels' stay longtime with blacks. They maybe experience but they don't stay forever.

    Why don't you come and debate us there on SF. You can even create an account and start a new thread if you wish.

    The posting system of your blog is cumbersome and there is much more traffic on SF than on your blog if publicity is what your after.

    1. That's what you call "defending" yourself? You get angry and can't even control which letters you hit on a keyboard? Alrighty.

      What you said is that "fat" "ugly" white women can't get white men. This is completely untrue, since plenty of "fat" and "ugly" white women marry white men. So yeah actually, what you said is indeed baseless.

      I considered debating you on SF, but even if I made an account, my account there would still be moderated, and my comments would not be posted for several hours. This is cumbersome, and there's no guarantee my comments would actually be posted. I prefer an unmoderated forum where comments are published immediately. This is the most fair

      Why would I need to post on SF to attract traffic? You guys have already posted my blog on there.

    2. "1) What foreign influences? Who's "forcing" you to live with "less intelligent", "more violent" people? And who are these people? I think I know which people you're referring to, however I find it interesting how you make these claims and don't even bother trying to support them with any facts."

      1. 1965 immigration law. From 1965 they are bringing in 90% non-white and only 10% white immigrants in the US. Nobody asked the people if they agreed. Btw people tried to oppose it but the gov still passed the law. It isnt forcing for you?

      2. Forced busing. People are forced to send there children far from their homes just for the sake of diversity. People tried to oppose it but the Bill passed. Isnt it forcing to you? In the meantime those who passed these laws have kept their children in white private schools. Do you find it fair? "Do what I say don't do what I do."

      3. The newest thing is HUD where they want to impose quotas of races in your neighbourhood. What happened to freedom of association? It isn't forcing?

      You said you were objective. Im hoping for an objective answer from your part.

    3. 1. I'll ask again. WHO is "bringing in" non-white people? You keep saying "they are bringing in". WHO IS BRINGING THEM IN? Is some evil Jewish guy driving a big truck into Mexico every day and telling Mexicans to get in, so he can bring them to America and destroy white people?

      No: the immigrants are coming in, all by themselves. They're bringing themselves in. And guess what, their goal isn't to destroy white people, their goal is to live in a location with a higher standard of living than the location they came from.

      Civil rights shouldn't be voted on. Allowing immigration is in compliance with legal international self-determination: this denotes the legal right of people to decide their own destiny in the international order.

      Furthermore, even if it was voted on, Americans are conflicted on immigration, though most are pro-immigration as long as the immigrants meet certain requirements (don't immigrate illegally):

      I don't agree with forced busing either, but at the same time, there are plenty schools in the US which are diverse just by accident. So if you really wanted to avoid diversity you could just homeschool your kids (or do private school) or move to an all-white area (a lot of these in West Virginia). If you live in an area that has nonwhites living near it, you're going to encounter nonwhites whether you go to school with them or not.

      3. HUD has good intentions, like Affirmative Action, but it will just be Affirmative Action all over again. It probably won't help anybody. However when I think "forcing" I think of what was done with the Australian Aborigines where they weren't allowed to move even if they wanted to. People here are still allowed to move freely. I can agree however that establishing quotas of different traits in a neighborhood is silly. Are they also going to require a certain number of red-haired people with freckles? It's really just silly. I think being upset about it is a bit silly too though. I wouldn't be upset if everyone suddenly decided red-haired people with freckles needed to be "mixed" in with everybody, because I'm not prejudiced against people with red hair and freckles. If I was, well then I just wouldn't talk to them or let my kids play with them.

    4. Affirmative Action is on the way out in the USA.Numerous states have banned racial
      preferences inside their borders and the Supreme Court only allows them in college
      admissions under certain conditions.

    5. 1. What is so hard to understand? In politics things dont happen by chance. There is always some intent behind it and you are really naive to think that this intent is to help the world. These elites who passes these laws are only think about their well being and not the suffering of the world. Somebody has to make those laws for that those immigrants can enter the US. If you'd really care to verify what we say you could see that Jews are the first in line to promote non-white immigration. Why would white leaders decide to replace their white population with non-whites? Doesnt make sense. Why did they decide to only allow 10% of Whites from 1965? What was wrong all of a sudden with a White America?

      2. Homeschool or private school cost a lot and they know that working class parents wont be able to pay it. Moving is not an option either with the new housing quota laws and even if you move non-white immigration is happening in every state.

      3. We are upset about these things because it's everyday a new law that passes that forcing you to mix and remove your personal liberties.

    6. The civil rights laws forbid discrimination in employment, business, housing, and public buildings. You can do as you please at home. You can marry and socialize with whomever you please.

      Tell ya what:If I have a choice between socializing with a Black man like Clarence Thomas, a Supreme Court Justice, and you, I'll pick him. I'd love to discuss Constitutional law with him. I actually corresponded with him just after he got on the court. I saved his letters.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Anybody can check it, there are hundreds of liberals who post their opposing arguments there. So apparently the problem must be with you.

      You haven't invented anything new.
      All you post here were already answered there a hundreds of times.
      Give me your argument that we never heard before and I will gladly post it there if they're refusing to do it.

      Your list of African_American_scientists are all mixed races not full blacks and they were raised and educated in White environment and schools. There isn't one Black Nobel Prize winner scientist either in spite of all the advantages Blacks get.

      If we are all the same why do they need 'White' help, why can't they do it on there own?

    2. If you are trying to make me stop posting, you are wasting your time.
      I've heard all that BS before on SF. I didn't swallow it then and I won't swallow
      it now. I know that most of my posts don't get approved, even tho they comply with the SF rules.

      I don't post arguments. I post FACTS.I let my URLs do the talking for me.
      What you will see here posted by me is all the stuff your moderators would not approve.

    3. ".I let my URLs do the talking for me."

      Hahaha, there you go why they wont post your comments. Why do you expect that they accept your links when you dont accept their links as proofs.

      The internet is full of propaganda. You can find any link to prove anything you want.

    4. They approved some of my posts with just URLs. Nice wrong guess.



  12. The White Nationalists on SF are always ranting about Black people being stupid and how they
    don't contribute anything to humanity.Here is a list of African-American scientists and inventors and what they contributed

    1. The White Nationalists on SF are always citing the book called "The Bell Curve" as proof that Blacks are genetically inferior in IQ to Whites.That book was reviewed by social scientists at Stanford University, who found serious flaws in it's conclusions and method of statistical analysis:

    2. And what would happen to those so called "social scientists" if they happen to agree with the Bell Curve? Would they lose their cushy jobs and great salaries? Probably. It already happened. Now they know exactly what to say if they want to keep their jobs...

  13. Black Nobel Prize Winners

    1. I said for science not for peace and literature. Come up with something new they already tried to pull this one a few times with me.

    2. One of them got it for Economics. You don't make the rules for me.

      You got a complaint about my posts?Go cry on Don Black's shoulder.
      Ask David Duke for a handkerchief.

    3. What's going on, getting angry? Running out of arguments? hahaha

      He shared it with a White man btw....

      Just be honest about things, don't try to force them, it wont get you anywhere.

    4. I don't like being given orders from people I don't respect.Take a hike.

  14. Many of the White Nationalists on SF like to laud and quote Adolf Hitler.Quoting Adolf can be
    a risky business, since he liked to tell lies.Here is a list of some of his fibbies I compiled:

    Topaz tells us repeatedly:
    Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf that the Jews tell big lies. The
    Jewish media took his words out of context and claimed that Hitler
    in favor of big lies.

    Well, he invaded Holland after guaranteeing her neutrality:

    He invaded the USSR after signing a non-aggression pact with Stalin:

    He swindled the German people out of money for Volkswagens that were
    never delivered and the money was never refunded:

    He betrayed the Catholic Church after signing a treaty with the

    He perpetuated the Gleiwitz Fraud

    He repeatedly assured the world that he wanted peace, despite the
    that he invaded every country in Continental Europe with the
    of Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. He also invaded North Africa.:

    1. He didn't invade every country he freed every country from you the Jews who were doing the same destruction what you are doing today.

      We let you in and in return you are destroying us. This is your gratitude.

    2. I wasn't born until December 1945.The war was over.

    3. You let me in? I was born in the USA. I was an officer in the United States Navy for 4 years after being an enlisted man for 2 years.I spent 6 years defending the USA because I wanted to.I volunteered.

    4. You know exactly what we are talking about no need to pretend not to understand. We are talking about your Elites in power not the average person.

    5. Who are they? Let's have some names.

  15. "2) If this is true, then why are whites less likely to live in poverty, and more likely to attend college, and graduate than most other races (comparable only to Asians, and even then, whites still have a lower poverty rate). I'm no fan of Affirmative Action either, but you can't claim it hurts whites. It doesn't."

    Whites are getting poorer and more and more disadvantaged because of these laws.

    And after all we are in a White country. If I were to live in a non-white country I would be disadvantaged too. It's either the same treatment for everybody in every country or more advantage for the indigenous people in every country. That's what I would call fair how about you?

    1. I don't think Affirmative Action makes white people poorer and more disadvantaged. If it does, it still doesn't change the fact that whites are STILL statistically more privileged.

      Whites aren't indigenous to the US, only to Europe. The US is a "white" majority country, but it's also a multicultural country.

      And no, I would not call that fair at all. I think all people should be treated the same in all countries. No one group of people should have any advantage over another.

    2. "I don't think Affirmative Action makes white people poorer and more disadvantaged."

      Oh yes it does. Either they dont get into college or they have to pay for ii while Blacks get in for free.

      " If it does, it still doesn't change the fact that whites are STILL statistically more privileged." What privilege are you talking about?

      "Whites aren't indigenous to the US" They founded and built this country. Arabs aren't indigenous to the middle-east either. They didnt even exist before 700 AD.
      So how far you want to apply that retarded logic? Wanna go around the world and kick out everybody who wasnt there first?

      "it's also a multicultural country." It became one by force. People were never asked if they wanted to.

    3. The differences between cultures in the USA don't bother me.We all get along fine when yoyos like you aren't trying to make us hate each other.

      I'm of Russian descent. I have friends of Arab descent, Mexican descent and Blacks.
      When we think of ourselves as just Americans, we all act like buddies.

    4. Of course you do. As long as you can get rid of the White man and you can control the rest you all act like buddies.

      In the meantime you keep multiculturalism out of Israel cause it's only for the gentiles...

      White nationalist = bad
      Jewish nationalist = good

      We can see through your little games my little yoyo.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. I have friends of Irish, Czech and Ukranian descent, too.

      We get along fine. As soon as you White Nasties move your dumb asses out of here, we'll get along even better. I'll drive you to the airport.

    7. Which Affirmative Action law are you referring to? I'm not aware of one which requires white people to pay for black peoples' college education. Also, anybody can get into college for free if they qualify for FAFSA, or even other means such as a merit scholarship. These may be easier to obtain for black people in certain states which allow them to get into college with lower GPAs, but this has no effect on white people. If anything, most black people resent Affirmative Action because it punishes black people who have high GPAs, and reinforces the idea that they don't have to work as hard as other people.

      It's also worth mentioning that Affirmative Action doesn't only apply to blacks, it applies to other racial minorities too.

      "What privilege are you talking about?"

      Whites have a higher standard of living overall than other racial minorities, and are more likely to get into and graduate college (comparable only to Asians in this statistic). Whites are also less likely to come from broken homes and less likely to go to prison. This is the privilege I'm talking about.

      "Whites" founded and built this country on multiculturalist ideals. There may have been some founders who were racist and wanted it to be a white country, but ultimately it's considered a country of immigrants. It has been and always will be a country of immigrants. Quote on the statue of liberty:

      "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me: I lift my lamp beside the golden door."

      "Wanna go around the world and kick out everybody who wasnt there first?"

      Erm, you're the one who's suggesting that, not me.

  16. These white nationalists point out that there is massive immigration and mulrti-cultarialism in white countries, and only white countries- like Malaysia, Jamaica, Trinidad, Uganda, Indonesia, China, Japan, ...

    1. I pointed out another white nationalist lie- the lie that only white countries are experiencing multiculturalism.

    2. Thanks Michael! Your support is much appreciated.

      You too Joe. I'm getting some traffic from craigslist thanks to you. :)

    3. Ochin dobrai!(very good)I wasn't sure any of them wanted to get involved.

  17. David Duke Pleads Guilty to Mail Fraud, Tax Evasion

  18. The Founding Fathers supported immigration:

    1. Thanks for the ongoing support and links to good information Joe. I am moved by your dedication.

    2. You're welcome. I have been fighting racism and anti-semitism on the internet since 1998.

  19. White Nationalists claim Jews own the media, but that's not true at all

    Who Owns the Media? | Free Press

  20. What the Anti-Defamation League says about Stormfront

  21. NOTE TO READERS:To view the URLs(links) posted, just copy them into your browser and search.

  22. Setbacks to White Nationalism:

    Stormfront banned in Italy, removed from Google indexes in France and Germany

    Utube Bans David Duke

    David Duke Banned from Czech Republic

    Don Black and David Duke banned from the United Kingdom

    David Duke arrested in Germany, forced to leave Germany

    David Duke's book banned in Canada

  23. The Hypocrisy of David Duke
    Duke wrote a book condemning what he calls "Jewish Supremacism".

    However, he was an official of the Ku Klux Klan, which means he advocates
    White Supremacy.

    1. Thanks again for your ongoing support and helpful links Joe. These will come in handy for future posts.

  24. Boycott Mel Gibson's Movies
    Mel Gibson is a racist and anti-semite. He has made anti-semitic remarks in public without any apology. He has denied the Holocaust.

    He has a new movie coming out-"Edge of Darkness".
    We are going to boycott him as a protest.

    Please join us in refusing to see this movie and all his movies. Some of them are

    The Patriot
    What Women Want

    See the others at's+movies&aqs=chrome.2.69i57j69i61j0l3j69i62.22222j0&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

    Let's stop financing bigotry.

    1. "Edge of Darkness" already came out, in 2010.

      And honestly, I'm not a huge fan of Mel Gibson (besides Apocalypto), but there are SO many racists who are public figures: Spike Lee, Paula Deen, Glen Beck, and more who probably are but just keep quiet about it. I don't think boycotting these individuals really makes any difference, honestly. The boycotts which really mean something are those that boycott an institution, a law, a deep-seated cultural standard, things which actively make peoples' lives harder.

      Mel Gibson isn't using his earnings to hurt anybody, and he's actually denied being racist/anti-semite many times, so I don't know if there's sufficient proof that he's racist. I think it's worth mentioning also, that for his film "Apocalypto", Mel Gibson hired a completely Native South American cast to play the Mayans in the movie: that was incredibly authentic and one of the LEAST racist casting choices I've ever seen in a movie.

      I just don't think that a boycott of Mel Gibson's films will solve anything.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Nobody is forced to join the boycott. If they don't agree with the idea, they can just pass on it.

    4. Plenty of his publicity includes him denying that he's racist. He contradicts himself often enough that I don't know what to truly believe. And I still think it was very bold and admirable of him to hire an all-Native cast for "Apocalypto". Publicity doesn't necessarily equal support, either, since being racist often hurts peoples' careers even without people boycotting anything (Paula Deen). So, I still really don't think boycotting Mel Gibson films solves anything.

      And yeah, I know you aren't trying to force anybody, I'm just giving my opinion on it.

      I signed up for the message board you linked. Thanks for pointing it out.

    5. Your mission is debunking Stormfront. Mine is educating people. You're welcome.

    6. My mission is educating people too. I just think I disagree about the Mel Gibson thing.

    7. We can work together without agreeing on everything.I'm a firm defender of free open debate.

    8. Spike Lee is a racist? Seriously?

      That's a honest question, btw. I watched (and liked, for the most part) a bunch of his movies; and I'm aware of his public quarreling with Quentin Tarantino over the n-word. But he never seemed like a *racist*.
      Care to enlighten me?

  25. Here is a great message board on racism. You can post your own comments

  26. The Institute For Historical Review-a Critique

  27. Brother Nathanael Exposed

    This man spreads anti-semitic lies as the author of "Real Jew News".

  28. caribou-I want to change the name I post under for privacy reasons. How can I do this?

  29. Nazi Homosexuals

  30. The White Nationalists on SF claim the Mafia IS Jewish. That's plain nonsense. It's all Italians

  31. Attempts to Kill Adolf Hitler!searchin/alt.revisionism/attempts$20to$20kill$20hitler/alt.revisionism/GOD9pHIEMrs/n3JOkdi7BiIJ

  32. AFFIRMATIVE ACTION and RACIAL PREFERENCES are on their way OUT in the USA.

    Numerous states have banned racial preferences and the Supreme Court is no longer friendly toward them.

  33. The Truth about the Federal Reserve System

  34. Yo, Caribou.

    I found your blog today (uhm, that is, *yesterday*. It's gotten late :D ), and I'm pretty damn enamored by it. While I didn't learn anything new from it, strictly speaking, having comprehensive put-down-posts to the most common "arguments" of scientific racists here in one place is most convenient indeed. Hope to see more from you soon!

    I've been "fighting" online white supremacists ever since 1997 or so. For the most time, their standard MO was run-of-the-mill Nazism - blaming the Jews for all the evil in the world and confabulating various conspiracy theories, without much regard for scientific "credibility" (ironically enough, most American Nazis I encountered during that time were also creationists. Go figure.)
    It wasn't until 2005 or so that I started to encounter what we now call "Race Realists" in significant numbers. I guess it took a good 10 years for "The Bell Curve" to really catch on. Reading is hard, after all. I wonder if the Kansas evolution hearings had anything to do with that .

    Anyway. Thank you again for your effort.
    I'm German, by the way, so if you ever need anything translated (my mother tongue is quite prevalent in this topic, unfortunately) just shoot me a message.

    1. Hi! Thanks so much for the support! Since 1997 is a long time to be fighting online white supremacists, I think that's about the same time stormfront was actually founded. I've often wondered if I'm the only one noticing that the movement seems to be growing...I guess It's not just me.

      You will indeed see more content soon: I'm working on a lot of stuff right now but the blog is indeed active, and I'm hoping to get another post out next weekend.

      If you would like to connect on social media, the blog now has a facebook page:

      Also thanks for offering to translate German, maybe that will come in handy. I like how the Germans have really seemed to learn from the past...I don't meet very many German racists at all. I've heard it's extremely taboo (and illegal) to voice racist opinions in Germany.

      Also, on your question about Spike Lee being racist: I think he's a racist because he said that only a black person can make a movie about slavery, and that only black people can use the n-word. This is really just the same kind of logic people used to oppress black people for hundreds of years: "you have a different color skin, so you can't do the same things we can do". I can understand where he's coming from, but I think it's ultimately hypocritical.

  35. The USA is NOT a "White Nation"Here is what the 14th amendment to the Constitution says:

    U.S. Constitution


    Learn More

    SECTION 1.

    All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

  36. Khazar Theory of Jewish origins Refuted by modern genetics » Anti-Semite ?Khazar? Theory Refuted By New Genetic Study

    It was proposed as a theory in 1947 and never proven.Now, it has been refuted by modern genetics.


  37. Who is on Welfare?
    Who is on Welfare? What are the demographics? - Democratic Underground

    When people use the term"welfare", they usually mean the TANF program.

    Statistics show that 31.9% of TANF recepients are white, 31.8% are Black and 30% are Hispanic.

  38. Yo, caribou! I've been posting to Stormfront some lately and made a discovery about White Nationalists.

    Many of them don't comprehend what they read and others cannot do simple math.
    If you need proof that the public schools are failing, you'll find it on SF.

  39. You won't believe this:
    On the White Nationalist forum called "Stormfront", I posted a copy of the
    Bill of Rights. A poster who calls himself "Lord Jim" claimed the Bill of
    Rights is a lie and my post on that subject is "dishonest."


  40. On Stormfront, the idiot named "Lord Jim" is threatening me with identity theft if I continue posting there.


  41. Lord Jim is a LIAR He posts to Stormfront

  42. Nazi Economics

  43. Study Links Racism To Low IQ 

    The UK study also found a strong link between prejudice and poor education.

  44. David Duke Banned From 26 European Countries
    >>MILAN - An Italian court has ruled in favour of the expulsion of ex-Ku Klux
    >>Klan leader and former Louisiana politician David Duke from Italy, where he
    >>had been living for a year and a half, local police said on Thursday.
    >>Duke, 63, moved to the Valle di Cadore mountain village after being granted
    >>a visa to study and write there by the Italian embassy in Malta, said
    >>Luciano Meneghetti, deputy police chief in the northern Italian province of
    >>Italian police subsequently found that Switzerland had issued in 2009 a
    >>travel and residence ban against Duke valid throughout the entire Schengen
    >>area, a group of 26 European countries that have abolished internal border
    >>Duke had tried to fight an initial request to leave Italy by lodging an
    >>appeal with the Belluno administrative court.
    >>Meneghetti said the court had rejected the appeal and ruled in favour of
    >>the expulsion of Duke, whom it considered "socially dangerous for his
    >>racist and anti-semitic views".
    >>Duke's Italian lawyer Filippo Augusto said the former U.S. politician left
    >>Italy immediately after the court ruling. He said Duke could appeal again
    >>but no decision had yet been taken.

  45. I'd like to debunk the nonsense you see on an anti-semitic website called "Semitic Controversies".

    It's written by two rabid anti-semites: Karl Radl and Hans Lionaxe.
    These fools are chronic liars whose purpose is propaganda, not scholarship.
    Karl Radl even admitted in an interview that his goal is to spread anti-semitism.

    1. Radl gives himself the title of "Dr", but provides no details as to what university gave him a PhD, when they did it, or what subject it was in. I've asked him for this information and got nothing in response but alot of evasive bullshit.
      Radl claims expertise in Judaism, but refuses to provide his credentials on the subject.

      His posts on Stormfront are not footnoted, so that the reader cannot verify any of what he claims.

      He claims to be a White Nationalist, yet his posts contain a sig line which quotes Mikhail Bakunin, a Marxist
      anarchist, on the subject of Jews.

  46. Here, Radl admits he is an anti-semite:

  47. On the website called "Stormfront", Radl claims the website called "Judaism 101" is not a reliable source of information and that he and his partner in
    anti-semitic propaganda, Lionaxe, know more about Judaism that it does.

    This is the response given his claim:

    That website is written by Orthodox rabbis and footnoted to sources, so anyone can verify the truth of what it says. You are not a recognized authority on Judaism and you provide no way for anyone to verify your claims.
    Only naive blind fools accept your claims as more true than those on Judaism 101.
    Moreover, you are an admitted anti-semite, so you cannot be considered objective on the subject of Jews and Judaism. Your claims are nothing more than propaganda and anyone who reads them becomes aware of this

    You and your blog "Semitic Controversies" have been exposed and debunked in several places on the Internet including soc.culture. jewish and alt.revisionism.
    No matter how much you yell, hurl insults and throw tantrums, the truth on you is out for all to see.

  48. The White Nationalists at SF claim the Nazis did not use gas chambers to kill people. Here is an article that debunks that lie:

  49. Stormfront posters have murdered almost 100 people

  50. Caribou,
    It may seem as if your message isn't reaching people, be assured, it most certainly is.
    More and more people of all races are becoming more aware of the propaganda and lies that sites like Stupid Front revel in.
    The postings of pseudo-scientists and other hacks such as David Duke can only convince the gullible and low intelligence folk to waste their lives waiting on a "re-birth."

    Here's another site and person who very scientifically makes SF look like modern day imbeciles worshiping a pile of chicken droppings:

    Nazis Can’t Do Math: Reflections on Racism, Crime and the Illiteracy of Right-Wing Statistical Analysis

    1. Hi!

      I really do hope people are becoming more skeptical and aware of racism and where it comes from. Thanks for the link, this guy looks great.

  51. Nazi Violations of International law in WWII

    Some revisionists claim that the laws the defendants at Nuremberg were charged with breaking were not enacted until after WWII. This is patently false.

    Violation of laws of war by the Nazis

    Hague Convention of 1899:Germany signed it.

    Here is the law:

    Killing of unarmed civilians-Article 46 prohibits it

    Count 1

    Confiscating or damaging property of unarmed civiliansArticle 46 prohibits it

    Count 2

    Killing Prisoners of war-Article 23 prohibits it

    Massacre at Malmedy

    Article 25-Bans bombing or shelling of unfortified cities(Warsaw,Athens ,Rotterdam)

    Article 52-forbids deporting civilians for slave labor

    Border treaties-crossing them with armed forces without permission is prohibited

    Violation of the Versailles Treaty,-part of international law-Germany signed it.

    The treaty forbid Germany to rearm and limited her Army to 100,000 men

  52. Apparently, the Scottish guy on stormfront changed his location data to "britainstan". Haha. Very funny.

  53. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  54. What did Gear Oillubricants say? I'm guessing it was an ad.

  55. I'm hoping Pinpoint isn't representative of Londoners. I'm surprised he said his location was London instead of "Londonistan" or some other clever concoction of words.

    1. Yeah Gear Oillubricants was an ad. I don't delete comments unless they're ads or spam. Pinpoint is a stormfront user right? I doubt he represents most of London. Racists are everywhere but I'm pretty sure they're fringe in most locations. The only place I see them gaining significant favor is Sweden, and even then, there's a lot of resistance to them.

    2. I heard a Swedish politician got in trouble for wearing a swastika band. She had to quit Good.

  56. Caribou, I think you should make a post debunking the "Eurabja" theory. It is the belief that Muslims are slowly taking over Europe through high birth rates. It started out as a far-right tea party theory, but now it is quite prevalent among White Nationalists.

    1. Hello
      Iv'e been looking forward to reading your articles. When are you gonna write more? Its been a while.

    2. Hello, yeah, I started out pretty regular, posting once a week, but I started having health problems earlier this year which kinda slowed me down. Other things in life have also gotten in the way. I hope to write more soon, and also possibly start a youtube channel. I'm not really sure when that will be, but I hope before the end of the year. Thanks for your support.

  57. Hello Caribou,

    Heartfelt greetings from Canada!!!!

    I stumbled upon your blog quite by accident--indeed, one of my most rewarding "mistakes"! :) I am extremely impressed by what you are doing. Your open, firm stance against Stormfront, and all such forums trumpeting false and ignorant ideology, is nothing short of brave and admirable. As well, I find your beliefs not only to be reason-based and factual, but bluntly honest and fair. For example, the discussion on Affirmative Action: I quite agree that it must go, as it is does not speak to equality, however understandable its beginnings and initial intent; and, most importantly, it is a growing nuisance to educated young blacks like myself. Here in Canada, AA is not so much about race anymore, as it is about gender and sexual orientation. However, I have met Americans and heard complaints. In general, more North Americans wish to see the end of this policy (except, perhaps, for those most vulnerable--people with special needs, i.e. the physically impaired).

    I have browsed your writings and, happily, can find no baseless or empty bias. To the contrary, you, in principle, challenge racism at every point, and within all racial groups, not merely in the most obvious or less popular contexts. The human, in your eyes, becomes just that--a human first, and you hold us all to account for our beliefs. Rightfully so, Caribou. Being black--a historically oppressed minority--does not give me the right to discriminate against whites, or anyone else. I should not engage a behaviour or way of thinking akin to that which I decry. You would doubtless tell me that, and you would be right! I could not agree with you more!

    Racism is a drearily stubborn habit. We are all susceptible to it, unfortunately; but if we are steadfast, as you are, we can at least guard against total enslavement to its snare. To this end, Caribou, thank you so much for sharing your light of awareness. Sometime ago, I encountered a gentleman who dared to insist my intelligence was unequal to that of whites. He then proceeded to support his argument with what he deemed to be irrefutable scientific theory on race--all poppy-cock, of course. I entertained a brief debate with the imbecile, to which he affirmed my supposed low IQ since I refused to agree with him. I retorted that to refute a perspective does not, by default, prove an inability to understand it; otherwise, I could say the same about him! Poor creature...His mind trapped in the illusion of superiority. This is a tiresome mirage worth illuminating for what it truly is.

    Accordingly, do carry on, Caribou. I am not so brave as you, to take on an entire online forum. May the wind be always at your back!!

    1. Hi, thanks for the nice comment.

      I have to admit that I've learned a bit more about AA since I last spoke about it, and I'm not as much against it as I was before. It has problems but I think we can probably fix them without just getting rid of the whole thing.

      How rude that someone tried to say you're less intelligent! Usually racists are pretty cowardly and don't like confronting people face-to-face. I've been planning to do a post all about IQ, actually. It's one of the racists' favorite arguments and I've argued it many times, so I really need to just do a post addressing it.

      Thanks again for the nice comment. Come visit anytime.

    2. I would love to read your post on the issue of IQ and race, Caribou. You can be sure I will visit to read it, as well as to peruse your other thoughts :)

      Yes, racists, generally, are quite cowardly. Their alleged "racial pride" is typically confined to dark corners, rural spaces behind bushes and thickets, and dull virtual commentary (yawn). It is easier to shriek superiority on a keyboard than to face people ...and reality. Of course, this should come as no surprise. Racial theories crumble outside clandestine spaces, where, for the most part, people are clearly able to live and get on with each other, as well as perform and succeed.

      As to AA, yes, you may have a point. I am not sure how it may be tweaked to remove the stigma and further ensure a level playing field; but I would certainly not decry an effort to try. As long as all people may be valued for their skills (as much as may be possible in this imperfect world), I shall have no qualms! :)

      Do have a Merry Christmas and Happy New, Caribou. See you again soon!

  58. Caribou: Just to ensure complete distribution of this blog, I sent the link to several racist groups via email. I sent it to the KKK, the National Alliance, several rightwing militia groups and the Aryan Nations. I expected some nasty responses, but got none.
    Maybe we got through to them. It's an important mission and I want to see it succeed as completely as possible.

    1. Hey Joe. Thanks for all your support. You're very passionate. We might not see much of a response from those groups but thanks for trying anyway. I've realized recently a lot of the trouble with these groups is they're hard to leave, they're like cults. Even if you want to leave it can be difficult. I would like to help people leave them though.

    2. I found a new way into the Stormfront nonsense which bypasses the SF moderators.

      Stormfront has a radio show posted daily on UTube. Under the video is a section for comments which is not moderated. I've posted the link to your blog there for 12 days.

      I've done the same on Utube for the David Duke Show videos.

      If the bigots think they can keep me out forever, they are seriously mistaken.

      Do svidanya

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. Nazi Slave Labor in WWII

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. You forget that Jews started it all.

      1. Balfour Declaration: Jews sold out Germany to the British in WW1 to get Israel. That ended in the devastating Treaty of Versailles for Germany. Wouldn't you be pissed of if it happened to you?
      2. 12 years of international Jewish boycott on Germany before WW2.
      3. Jews once again pushed the British and later America to attack Germany in WW2.

      So slave labor? Yes, but justified, since Germany needed its own people to defend its country on all fronts.
      So it was self-defense.

    3. The Balfour Declaration was a commitment by the British to support a Jewish state in the Middle East.
      In return, Jews promised to support the British side in WWI.

      In 1934,some British Jews tried to start a boycott of Nazi Germany's goods to protest Nazi persecution of Jews in Germany. I don't know how successful they were.

      Hitler declared war on the United States in December 1941.
      England declared war on Germany in 1939 as part of it's promise to protect Poland from German attack.

      Slave labor was forbidden by the Hague Convention of 1899, a treaty which Germany signed.


      The Hague Convention of 1899 banned the use of POWS as slaves

      Germany signed both treaties

  60. i preferred the information on this internet site. Wish to stop by once more.

    Quebec French Translation & Translators From English to French

  61. I really want to know. Are you better than all the Black and Asian scientists?.I can give you lists if you insist.There is a Black physician named Ben Carson. He is the world's foremost Neurosurgeon. Are you superior to him?
    A Black man named Clarence Thomas is a Justice of the US Supreme Court. Are you better than he is?
    A Black man named Colin Powell was an Army General and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. How are you better than he is?
    The Chinese and Japanese have put satellites in space.Could you do that? Lots of mostly white nations have never done that:Norway, Sweden, Denmark,Poland, Spain, Hungary, Romania, Ireland, Scotland and Serbia never did that.


    1. NOTE:The above post was a response to claims of white supremacy on Stormfront.

  62. This is a very, very brief summary/generalisation of the evolution of the original races. It is just designed to give a very quick to read idea of how we all came to be today.

    The original Scandinavian race was the blonde haired, blue eyed, white skinned race (light featured) that originated from Scandinavia some 45,000 to 50,000 years ago.

    The Scandinavian race evolved from the Black African race that migrated out of Africa some 125,000 years ago and settled in Scandinavia. 80,000 years of total isolation in Scandinavia and the original Black Africans evolved to the original Scandinavians.

    The Indian race also evolved from the Black African race that migrated out of Africa and then settled in India. Tens of thousands of years of isolation in India and the original Black Africans evolved to the original Indians. (Indian = dark hair, dark eyes, dark skin, dark featured)
    The Oriental race also evolved from the Black African race that migrated out of Africa and then settled in Far East Asia. Tens of thousands of years of isolation in Far East Asia and the original Black Africans evolved to the original Orientals.(Oriental = dark hair, dark eyes, dark skin, dark featured) The Australian Aboriginal race also evolved from the Black African race that migrated out of Africa and then settled in Australia. Tens of thousands of years of isolation in Australia and the original Black Africans evolved to the original Australian Aboriginals.(Australian Aboriginal = dark hair, dark eyes, dark skin, dark featured) 45,000 years ago there was a lot of movement as the Ice-Age pushed these Scandinavians out of Scandinavia. These Scandinavian spread out through Europe and into Asia and in Asia they mixed with the Indians, this formed the Arabic peoples (Indo-Scandinavians).

    The Scandinavians also migrated into Far East Asia and mixed with the Orientals forming the Korean/Chinese/Japanese types.
    Arabic peoples moved back West into North Africa and then up into Spain, Italy and Greece mixing with the Scandinavians that had originally settled there, this formed the original Spanish, Italian and Greek ethnicities. Oriental Scandinavians also moved back West and mixed with the original Scandinavians in Europe forming what we now know as ‘Slavic’ types. What with brown hair and brown eyes being dominant over blonde hair and blue eyes more Scandinavians in Europe became darker. Yes, Europeans are mostly Scandinavian race with varying amounts of Indian race and Oriental race in them which gives many these darker features.

  63. So how aren't you bothered by all the insults? You have the patience of a goddess to endure everything thrown at you.

  64. Jewish View of Non-Jews

    This info comes from the Talmud, which is part of Jewish law.

  65. Osama Bin Laden Admits He Did 9/11

    Hiya, Caribou! The Stormfront nuts are trying to blame it on Israel.

    As my Grandmother used to say:"Zo, vhat's new?"

  66. Hiya Caribou! The Stormfronters keep claiming Jews are "not white."
    This study indicates the Ashkenazi Jews(Jews from Eastern Europe)are descended from prehistoric Europeans.

    That means, according to their definition, that Ashkenazi Jews are WHITE.

    Their bullshit comes from David Duke. I'm gonna send him this as a present.

  67. I have created my own discussion group:
    "Exposing The Lies of the Racists and Anti-Semites."

    It's listed as a google group and it is moderated.

    All claims must be supported by evidence. Hyperlinks are preferable, but references to credible books and magazines are also acceptable.

    There may be situations where evidence support is not appropriate for a particular post.
    The moderator will make that decision.

    Here is the link:!forum/exposing-the-lies-of-the-racists-and-anti-semites

  68. I did this so that evidence url links can be active,



  70. Here is the straight dope on David Duke's claim to be a "Dr" with a PhD.

  71. This comment has been removed by the author.

  72. From the wikipedia article"Interfaith Marriage in Judaism."

    A 2013 survey conducted in the United States by the Pew Research Center’s Religion & Public Life Project found that intermarriage rate to be 58% among all Jews and 71% among non-Orthodox Jews.[2]

    That's right-almost 60% of Jews marry non-Jews.
    I guess that means that Jews don't hate Gentiles after all.

  73. Yo, Caribou! You want a good laugh? This appeared on SF recently, written by one of it's moderators:

    Attention non-Whites:

    You owe a very large debt to the White race for the technology and techniques we have invented and shared with you that have allowed your populations to grow so large. Prior to our modern innovations, your populations were essentially stagnant. We have changed that with our medical, agricultural, and industrial inventions and discoveries.

    While it is difficult to assign a specific monetary value of such priceless contributions to humanity, an estimate is possible: Since your populations have been exponentiating since we shared our ideas with you, it would seem that every life over and above your prior average population has existed only because of us.

    It's hard to assign a monetary value to an individual life, but the EPA, FDA, UN and several other bureaucracies have managed to do so. The average for these values is around seven million dollars, but I'm willing to give you a deal (especially since some of you are rather worthless) and charge you only $5 million per life.

    My reply was a lesson in elementary Patent law.
    "If you want to own and control intellectual property such as inventions and ideas, you should have applied for a patent.
    If it is granted, you can sue in court anyone who uses it without your permission. Unfortunately, patents and copyrights are only enforceable for 17 years. After that, the idea becomes part of the public domain."


  75. Have you heard of the boycott of Israeli goods?It's being done by a number of groups with widely different interests.
    They claim they are protesting treatment of the Palestinians.

    The word apartheid was coined in South Africa years ago(1948). It means a separation of the races. Since Israelis and Palestinians are both Caucasians, use of it in Israel is just plain stupid.

    As soon as I got word of the anti-israeli boycott, I organized a movement of my own among Jews. I began with the Orthodox who frequent soc.culture.jewish.moderated. It spread to Conservatives later on.A number of non-jews have also taken part.

    We are conducting a reverse boycott. That means we change our buying habits to purchase as many goods made in Israel as we can, even if those goods are more expensive than the goods we used to buy.A list of Israel made goods was published on the Internet several years ago in soc.culture.jewish.moderated.
    I distributed the list via email to numerous organizations with Jewish interests.

    Actually, you don't need the list. Any product made in Israel will say so on it's packaging. Just read the labels.

    I have not seen any studies to determine the effect of the boycott or it's opponent, the reverse boycott. Regardless, many of us will continue to support Israel with every resource available to us.

  76. The Stormfront folks like to claim that Israel excludes non-Jews. Here are the facts:

    Demographics of Israel

    30% of the population is non-Jewish

  77. Surprise:Ashkenazi Jews Are Genetically European

  78. Study Links Racism With Low IQ

  79. A Few Facts About the Palestinian Problem:
    George Galloway doesn't tell you this stuff about his Palestinian and Arab buddies:

    CHRONICLE OF PALESTINIAN TERRORISM!searchin/soc.culture.jewish/chronicle$2C$20palestinian$20terrorism%7Csort:date/soc.culture.jewish/AibJdNP25Xc/cWg5JC0QcxgJ

    Did Israel Evict The Palestinians? Arab sources say NO

    Palestinian Rocket Attacks on israel

    The Charter of HAMAS:!searchin/alt.revisionism/hamas$20charter/alt.revisionism/CtZwPiKJIkk/6Nq7noqvWKsJ

    Read article 13. They are opposed to any peace treaty with Israel.



    The New Hezbollah Manifesto

    See sections 2 and 3.

    Taquiyyah-Holy Deception Ordered by the Koran

    Yasser Arafat already admitted that he was practicing deception when he signed the Oslo Accords.

    Jordanian Civil War

    1969-70 Palestine Liberation Organization attempts a military takeover of Jordan, blows up 4 civilian airliners and tries to assassinate King Hussein

    Palestinian Authority Pays Families to Blow Their Children Up in Israel.
    Click here to Reply

  80. Are you ever going to write more articles on this blog?

  81. Yo, Caribou:

    I have been posting a link to your blog under every David Duke Show and Stormfront radio entry on UTube.
    This way, I can sidestep the Stormfront moderators and get the word out.

  82. Yo, Caribou! Our campaign against racism and anti-semitism on Stormfront may be having the desired effect.
    Don Black reports on SF that, for the month of November, 2015, he received only 30.84% of his goal for donations.

    Lets keep up the good work!!!!!!

  83. This comment has been removed by the author.

  84. The idiots on SF claim the Diary of Anne Frank is a hoax.It has been investigated and authenticated by the Dutch government

  85. This subject line appeared on SF:

    Neo-Marxist ADL back in force grubbing money from the Goyim.
    The author complains about ADL asking for donations.

    At the top of the SF forum most every day is a message from Don Black, the guy who runs SF begging for donations. ROTFL!

  86. The WNs claim Jews own all the banks. Here is the real truth

  87. Jews, slaves, and The Slave Trade

    After extensive research, the author, a professor of History in New York, reports that, although some Jews did own slaves, Jewish involvement in the slave trade was minimal.

  88. White Nationalists claim Jews promote homosexuality, yet the biblical ban on homosexual conduct is in
    Leviticus 20 in the Tanakh, the Jewish bible.

  89. LOL! Pathetic cuckold loser. You won't win kike. Whites WILL survive and take their lands back and repeat history yet again which is what you sub-human pieces of shit deserve.

    1. Who are you talking to, fool???Are you so stupid that you forgot to tell us that?

  90. YO, CARIBOU:I have created a forum with live URLs for much of the material I have posted here.I want to make it easier for people to get to the source evidence. I call it "Replies To Stormfront" and it's on the Google system. I posted the link to your blog as part of it.

    Keep the faith and press on!!!!

    Joe Bruno

  91. CARIBOU:I want to invite you to join my discussion group. It's at!forum/replies-to-stormfront


    The truth is that the media is not owned or controlled by Jews, but by a group of large corporations, each of which has many stockholders. Corporate stockholders choose the Board of Directors which then sets corporate policy and directs corporate operations.

    The second largest stockholder of Fox news is a Saudi prince:

    Saudi Arabia does not recognize Israel.

  93. FBI Releases Hate Crime Stats For 2013:

    Of the 5,814 known offenders, 52.4 percent were white while 24.3 percent were black.

    The FBI on Monday released statistics relating to hate crimes committed in 2013, showing that nearly half of the victims were targeted on the basis of race.

    Law enforcement agencies reported 5,922 hate crimes motivated by a single bias last year involving 7,230 victims (another six hate crimes involving 12 victims were motivated by multiple biases). Of those 7,230 victims, 49.3 percent were targeted because of the perpetrators' racial bias, the FBI reports. Another 20.2 percent were victimized because of sexual orientation biases, while nearly 17 percent were targeted because of religious biases. Another 11.4 percent were victimized due to ethnicity bias.

    This year's hate crimes report is the first to include bias categories of gender and gender identity, as required by the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crime Prevention Act of 2009. The report shows 0.5 percent of victims were targeted because of gender identity while 0.4 percent were targeted because of gender bias.

    Of the 5,814 known offenders, 52.4 percent were white while 24.3 percent were black, the report shows. Race was unknown for 14.8 percent of the offenders. Among the 2,527 offenders for whom age was identified, most -- 68 percent -- were 18 or older. The report also shows that nearly a third of hate crimes occurred in or near residences or homes.

  94. You guys hate because you fear non whites.
    Why is this retarded way of thinking still alive?
    Love instead of hate and the world will be a nicer place jeez.
    #fuck racism

  95. You guys hate because you fear non whites.
    Why is this retarded way of thinking still alive?
    Love instead of hate and the world will be a nicer place jeez.
    #fuck racism